Six Sigma Online Training – Why and How

There are many certifications that you can attain to show off your skills and technical prowess at your job. But none of them come even close to the statement you can make if you are six sigma certified. Being able to say that you have the management skills and project management sense to call for such high acclaim is truly something to be proud of. For those who don’t yet know what this certificate course is all about, here is a brief description.

A history

The concept of six sigma certification was developed and brought to the fore by Motorola. The company brought about radical changes in its product manufacturing and business management systems by adopting stringent quality control and deliverables handling principles. These came together to be known as the six sigma system which was later developed into a full fledged certification course. Witnessing the success of Motorola, various companies around the world adopted these techniques and started to acquire six sigma certifications to boast about their management prowess and high quality services. The course was further developed to train individual managers and professionals in best management practices.


Six sigma comes from the basic premise that failures in quality and customer satisfaction occur after the sixth sigma of likelihood in a normal distribution curve. The course defines six sigma in terms of the number if defects per million opportunities. Therefore six sigma courses help train individual managers as well as companies in bringing down this number of defects in their products or services, thereby improving project execution, minimising resource wastage and ensuring perfection in each and every product or service deliverable that goes out the company door.

Why six sigma?

Over the years, many companies have adopted and benefitted from six sigma certificate courses and the management principles that are taught in them. There are many companies out there including the critics of the concept who believe that achieving six sigma level of quality in products or services is a near impossible task. In fact they advocate the idea that even if a company manages to achieve that level of management fluency, it will not be able to sustain the state for long. But live examples all over the world have proven such notions to be completely false. In fact there are companies who have progressed to levels beyond six sigma! An example of this is GE Aircraft Engines, which operate at Nine Sigma levels of quality.

Six sigma courses offer a training that is practical and devised from real, on-the-job situations that managers face while executing projects. This is the reason why the course is so effective in helping reduce the number of errors and defects in product or service deliverables. The direct result of achieving that level of operations quality is minimal wastage, increased customer satisfaction, growing revenues and expansion of your client base. Overall business prosperity is guaranteed by six sigma certification.

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