Forest Problems

This is a story about a challenging adventure

         "Why did they leave me!?" The dark clouds hovering over us, the winds blowing, the rain falling crashing into the leaves. She found herself petrified due to all the noises surrounding her. A sudden stumble and Bam! Knocked out. As soon as she woke up she found herself in the middle of the forest, that doesn't seem familiar at all! Zoey was the type of girl that was shy, and relied on everyone else. Lost in the middle of the Hoffson forest all alone, she didn't know what to do or where to go.

        She thought to herself, "Where's Chris and everyone? Why'd they leave me?" Realizing she was alone she wondered to herself, "They left me. Where would they have gone though?" All of a sudden she heard leaves crunching! She follows the noises as she gets closer, she finds this huge, tall, black figure! Only several feet away she notices the figure is bending over, as the tall thing gets up and turns to face her. "Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Both Chris and zoey were yelling terrified! After establishing that they were each other, they figured they were both going to be lost together. After hours of walking wondering the forest, they finally see the city lights!

Jasmine Ortega

February 18, 2013


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