Joe Dimaggio

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Josh

Joe DiMaggio was born November 25, 1914 , and died March 8,1999.


Significance event in History that affected Joe's life.

  • Birth of his son Joe Jr.
  • Went into the Air Force in 1956.
  • He married Marilyn Monroe in January, 1954.

Joe's childhood

  • He had 7 siblings, 4 boys, 3 sisters, and himself.
  • They were very poor.
  • He quit school as a sophomore in high school.

People who influenced Joe's life

  • Rosalie DiMaggio - Mom
  • Giuseppe DiMaggio- Dad
  • Vincent DiMaggio- Brother
  • Don DiMaggio - Brother
  • Joe Jr - Son

Unique facts

  1. Got a high five from president Franklin Roosevelt.
  2. In an article he was voted "Best dressed man"
  3. Had a 56 game hitting streak, and there is a video I put in this about the 56 game hitting streak.
  4. 3 time Most Valuable Player (MVP)
  5. Chosen 13 time in the All Star game.


  1. Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
  2. From baseball, he was able to buy his parents a new house.
  3. Signed with the New York Yankees when he was 19
  4. He was chose greatest living baseball player in 1969
  5. He had a 56 game hitting streak

Some words of advice

  1. "I can cover the ground, I can make fans forget Tris Speaker."
  2. "When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game

What I learned about Joe DiMaggio

He had a tough childhood and worked hard to become an American hero. He showed that hard work can lead to success. He knew he wanted to play ball even when his Dad never wanted him to play any sports.

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