Nestle, the Sponge of California

By: Matthew Downing, Jake Peckham, Thomas Gribbin, Gunnar Alvord, Matt Sorich

What is Going on?

Nestle, which is a very diverse company well-known for their chocolate and water bottling service. Which has recently been buying natural water resources all over the world. This investment to buy permits and land to strive them of water is becoming a serious problem when they are harvesting from a state in a long lasting drought. When we, Californians, are trying to preserve all of the water we can by taking faster and more efficient showers and with strict sprinkler rules. Why does Nestle get to abide by laws and efforts of millions to preserve water? Although they are a company and owner of the land, they have to think of the environment and the climate that they are in. Nestle is not required to present how many bottles of water that they are distributing every year but we know it is a lot and it needs to stop.

How is it Effecting Us?

The state has made many regulations and restrictions on water usage throughout the state in order to limit the amount of the water we are loosing. We have been in a drought that has lasted a while now but it is only getting worse. Around the Morongo Reservior plants and wild life are being negatively affected by not having the typical stream of water that allows these animals to drink. Is it one thing if the water that you are using is evaporated in a similar area that it was found because eventually the water will come back down and that is the natural water cycle. Although this cycle is disrupted when the natural water is being bottled and shipped to where ever it is desired. This bottle might be taken from California where water is needed, to another state like Oregon where water is a surplus. We are having to limit our usage but the massive companies doing thousands of times more contribution to our drought are not enforced with strict water regulations.

What Can We Do?

As the consumer we have a lot of power if we work as a whole. A company is only worth what their consumers think it is worth. Meaning if we were to avoid using any brand associated with Nestle then we would be able to do some heavy damage in profits, stocks, and sales. That is what a corporation like Nestle needs in order to keep moving. If we put a stop to this and make our reason clear we would be able to make the change that is just and fair to the environment and the residents. Although it is not that easy, in order to start a movement we would need a bold action that would grab the media's attention for bad or for good. We would need something extreme that would make a shockwave to everyone possible. There are two main ideas: we poor bottles of water on the coperates office's windows to resemble the damage to the environment they are doing, or we dip sponges in glue and throw it at windows on the coperate floor. Sure some people might go to jail overnight if they get too crazy but if the message is sent then that should be the spark to the justice of Californians. Only the extremists would preform the sponge operation while most of us would publish blogs and articles on the topic, like this one. Media would be the main tool to spread the topic and coverage, with people sharing the information. This will not be able to occur if we sit and read more and more number on how this drought is getting worse and worse. Also we can create a sticker that you can put on metallic and reusable water bottles. This would create a lot of attention from consumers.

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