Ancient Mesopotamia

Noah Ballard

Art and Architecture

One type of architecture is ziggurats. These were temples that were built higher and bigger than normal temples. These were also built with stairs. These types of temples were built during the third millennium B.C. By 2000 B.C. mud-brick ziggurats were being constructed in many Sumerian cities. Later, ziggurats were constructed in Babylonian and Assyrian cities.

One type of art that I really like, is cylinder seals. I love these because they are so decorative. These seals are perhaps Sumer's most famous works of art. These small objects were stone cylinders engraved with designs. When rolled over clay, the designs would leave behind their imprint. Each seal left its own distinct imprint. As a result, a person could show ownership of a container by rolling a cylinder over a container's wet clay surface. People could also use cylinder seals to "sign" documents or to decorate other clay objects.

Another famous work of art in Sumer was jewelry. This was a really popular item in Sumer. The jewelers of the region made many beautiful works out of imported gold, silver, and gems. Earrings and other items found in the region show that Sumerian jewelers knew advanced methods for putting gold pieces together.