Wonder Character in the spotlight
August by Noah

Character's Tie to Theme

August ties to the theme that kindess is out there. The theme that impacted August the most was when August going to school. In the story,  August has never been to a school before. It is a challenge because he has a face disorder. He made friends by getting to know them and letting them know him. Also some people didn't judge him by his face and became his friend.

Character Influences

In the story, the character that had the biggest impact on August was Jack. He had the biggest impact on August because, he became August's first friend. I can explain this because in the story it said when August sat at his desk, the only person who sat next to him was Jack. Also when Julian made fun of August, Jack punched him in the face. The character that August had the biggest impact on was Summer because she didn't know what he was like and she became friends with him. I can explain this because in the book Summer sat next to August at lunch.They started talking to each other, and  they became friends.           

The title of this artwork is called starry night. The artist's name is Vincent Van Gogh. I picked this picture because in the story, August is at a camp ground and there was a starry night. In this picture there is a starry night as well.