similarity&transformation lesson

By Autumn Foster

steps to sucess

When your trying to find out if two shapes are the same there are some steps to do this.First you have to write ratios comparing the two lengths.But make sure to put the small shapes length first like this ab/ab=1/2. Have to do this with all the sides.And, if the image your looking at dosen't have numbers on the sides.Then count the squres that line up on the sides.Now if there in half then you have to add 2 squers together to equal 1.Now if you have done this to all the sides and there the same ratio then the the 2 shapes are similar, but if there different then there no similar. Then give a reason why it's not similar for example:no, the ratio is different then the other one.Now if they are the same then tell how it got that way.Like the one on the screan up top.The triangle got that way by dilation. If you don't know what that is it's when a shape is enlarged or shrunk. That's called transformation and there's more. Like transition which means slide in other words. And reflection which is when it's fliped on to another side of the graph. Last is rotation and it's when it's turned. And that's all you need to know.

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