Acceptable Use Policy- YOUR NOT SAFE!!!
Quest 5 safe and secure

ACA Technology Ownership- This basically means that anything that was created on ACA networks is the property of ACA and not its creator(s), the problem with this is that if the content damages the reputation or physically damages ACA, the creators are held accountable! That is simply unfair!

System Security- This means that if you harm the ACA network or post ACA information on non-Aca websites you will be punished. This is bad because internet hackers have tools to cover up their act and/or blame it on someone else, and this

Intellectual Property and Privacy- This is the big one. This means if you log in as another student and/or harrass them and/or post bad language you will be punished. But the way the internet works, you can never know who does something, so people can be blamed wrongfully.