Norma Fontain choice to Select editing software

Norma Fontain suggestions to Select editing software

This is the question that necessarily arises at one time or another, Norma Fontain Dairies but what editing software to choose? To help you, here is a brief overview of the options available to you:
Windows Movie Maker

If you're running Windows, your computer is probably equipped with this software, if you need to install it for free. Although very basic, it is ideal to start without breaking the bank, it should enable you to make simple edits. However as you progress, you'll soon realize its limitations.
Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is primarily a business tool, it is extêmement complete and offers more flexibility. It is very fast and supports most formats. If you are familiar with Photoshop and After Effects, you will be pleased to know that these tools fit perfectly, for example you can export a rush to after effects, add special effects, and import the After Effects project within Adobe Premiere. In addition, there are many external plug-ins that can be installed to add features or effects.

However, Norma Fontain Dairies because of its complexity this tool rather for experienced filmmakers, semi-professional and professional. But with a little perseverance, you should be able to master it.
Adobe Premiere Elements

This is a light version of Adobe Premiere Pro for the general public. This is a good compromise if you want to go further than Movie Maker, but you do not want to get into a professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro.
Sony Movie Studio

Also for the general public, this is a good alternative to Adobe Premiere Elements. This software is more comprehensive than Adobe Premiere Elements (and loads including powerful tools for sound processing), but has the disadvantage of being more difficult to handle.

If you're on Mac, Norma Fontain Dairies in addition to the Adobe suite that has a consistent versio, the options available to you:

iMovie editing software base at Mac, it is often pre-installed on your computer. Unlike Movie Maker, it is much more usable and suitable for most beginners and amateur videographers.
Final Cut Pro

The software of choice for professional videographers Mac. This is somewhat equivalent to Adobe Premiere Pro. X, latest version version has been completely revised in favor of a much more intuitive interface is easy to handle. This software should be suitable for intermediate level videographers. For the anecdote, when the software is released in 2011 professionals have protested and called for a return to the old version because they consider it too simple and less feature-rich, they believe that Apple has sought to attract users general public at the expense of professionals.

video Editing


Please select the best pieces from different takes from different angles rather than choosing a single static shot, Norma Fontain Dairies but again attention to the wrong link!

To prevent the audience is bored, try to vary the pace! For example, alternate scenes and music scene with dialogue, long shots and short shots rhythmic sequences.


Forget the complicated transitions that may have seen Star Wars in particular, is extremely kitsch (unless this is the desired effect). Generally we only use 3 types of transitions, which in film language each have a special significance and correspond to three well-defined uses:

Transition frank: we go directly from one plan to another without no huge transition effect. This is used in 99% of cases. Generally this suggests a continuity in time and space.
Fade to black: usually used between scenes, it suggests a temporal ellipse, space limit.
Crossfade: This type of transition gives a slightly surreal effect, Norma Fontain Dairies it can be used in a scene evoking a strong emotional intensity or to suggest the dream.

The Securities and generic

Regarding the assay, it is generally advisable to stay sober. As a white on black is simple, understated and a touch of class. To find fonts, you can referrer to Dafont and Font Squirrel, both free sites.

Otherwise, software like After Effects sometimes offer (depending on the version) libraries animated titles interesting. In addition, the Video Copilot site or Ayatoweb offer tutorials for After Effects to make animated titles and logos very impressive and professional, but we must learn to use this software!

Avoid generic end extension. It's pretty frustrating when in a 3-minute film, it is 1 minute... so generic Adjust the length of your generic than the total film.

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