North American Drilling Corporation, Oil & Gas Industry

North American Drilling Corporation (NADC) is doing its part to help the United States reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, North American Drilling Corporation is a privately owned company licensed by the State of Texas Railroad Commission as an oil and gas well operator.

Larry Koonce, the company’s Director, President and CEO, founded NADC in 2006. Mr. Koonce grew up in West Texas amid the oil and gas industry. His grandfather was a well driller, and an uncle was a geologist for the oil company Sunoco. Larry Koonce’s extensive work experience in the industry, combined with a degree in business administration, enable him to ably lead NADC in all aspects of its operation.

During his many years in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Koonce has worked as a drilling operations supervisor, overseen field operations management, and was also involved in well operation evaluation, lease and equipment appraisals, accounting, investor relations, negotiation of contracts, and managing the company’s marketing efforts.

Utilizing the latest in seismic technology and geologic experts, NADC identifies the best prospects for crude oil and natural gas wells. The company then obtains the mineral rights and arranges funding for each well location. NADC manages the drilling and operation of the well, sells the gas or oil, and handles all the finance and tax documentation required by the government and NADC’s investors.

Among the ways that North American Drilling Corporation stays competitive and profitable is by acquiring prospective properties and mineral leases at favorable pricing, reworking existing wells to maximize the available resources, and by minimizing administrative overhead and operating costs.

Individuals or organizations that are potentially interested in investing in one of NADC’s future ventures can contact the company using the contact information found on its website at