Believe It Or Not...These Photos
Are NOT Photoshopped

These rhinos positioned themselves perfectly.

This is Matthias Schlitte. His huge arm is the result of a genetic defect that made his right arm 33% larger than his left.

This is known as an Arcus cloud.

This pool that was surrounded by flood water.

A sculpture in the street designed by artist Benedict Radcliffe.

3D projection onto trees.

The roof of Sagrada Família Cathedral Designed By Antoni Gaudí

The rice field terraces of Yunnan, China

This has not been edited and is a real photo taken after an eruption of a volcano in Indonesia.

Not photoshop. Just somebody that really really likes the color black.

This awesome wooden shelter that sits in the California High Desert uses mirrors and light to create a small house full of awesome.

This is what a magnified section of a painted canvas looks like.

It might look like a tsunami but it’s actually a condo wave forming along the coast of Florida in Panama City.

This is probably some sort of optical illusion at play here, but Fellaini appears to be towering over France’s Valbuena who looks to be only half the size.

Located at Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province. Over 24 million years ago these mountains formed in China by laying down mineral deposits over and over again.

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