Notification Bar Pro Plugin for WordPress

Notification Bar Pro is the Extension for the Notification Bar plugin with a lot of extra features allowing you full control over the notification Bars

Here comes the pro version of the sensational Notification Bar Plugin. This new plugins allows you to do a lot more than what you may even have imagined with the Notification Bar Plugin. Here are some of the Cool Features to astonish you with its ability.

  • Fully Customized: This Notification Bar Pro plugin allows to customize each and every aspect of the notification bar, from colors to font size, from border to link button colors and many more.
  • Extend Bar Feature: This new feature allows you to add a additional extra part to your notification bar which shows up when user clicks on show more. This way you can provide your user a lot more info than just one line. Allows you to add images, videos, signup forms or whatever html you want to put in there. Its just Awesome.
  • Create Multiple Notification Bars: We know you want to show some different info to the user depending on what section of website they are in and we have sorted this out for you in the NB-Pro. With this new plugin you can create multiple Notification Bars and can assign to any page/post you want. So its like a different notification bar for your electronics section and a whole different one for the clothes section targeting those specific users.
  • Enable/Disable option: You can enable/disable the Notification Bar for a particular post/page allowing you full control to choose from the available bars to use for that particular post/page.
  • Basic Settings for Notification Bar: You can set up the default Notification Bar you want to use and other Basic Settings
  • Social Icons: Notification Bar now has the social sharing options on the bar. All you need to do is just fill in your links for the social networks.