Novum Homes Reviews Building your own home: how to avoid the pitfalls

It is the dream for more than 8 out of 10 French: live in a house. more at And it's even more challenging when building his own house, from A to Z. certainly inspirational, but it does not just happen mason or architect, and sometimes because of bad choices, building a house may turn nightmare.

A house, a piece of land for gardening or playing with the kids, the model has not changed much in recent years and still like the French, space-hungry and often face the quiet din of the city. But that is looking for a manufacturer or done through a company, architect or we build the house itself, there are a number of rules to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises
Nailing his budget

Bad news, building his house often costs more than what we had expected. Because the price is not limited to the cost of land and construction of the house. Na subdivision, it's simple. In contrast, a diffuse field, we must ensure that expenditure is budgeted, warns Steve Beaudel, marketing director of Maisons France Confort, which built 6,800 homes in 2012 This is the case for example whether to link the field to the all-mains drainage or electric power lines. We must calculate repayment capacity with the bank and it is better to set a high range, adds Steve Beaudel. Some also recommend adding a margin of about 10% to the estimated budget, especially if you decide to self build his house.

We must not underestimate either the end of construction costs, such as the disposal of surplus land at the owner's expense, or the work of garden landscaping or fences. more at It must also be considered insurance, taxes, transportation interiors (eg kitchen, furniture or decoration etc.).
Choose his ground well

Before laying the foundation stone, choose the field. Is it convenient? Close to schools, shopping? Is it near a busy road, a railway track, a flight path? Important questions, but ultimately own any home. Location is important because you have to think from the start as resale given the vagaries of life (death, divorce, multiple births, leaving children...)

But these are not the only questions. one must also consider the quality of the land including the nature of the soil. Who says clay soil, said more expensive construction. Certain sites are not suitable either for the construction of a basement for example. It needs attention from the start, not because then turning back to the seller in case of disaster... a situation not so rare. To measure the level of risk of land, it should be a study called G12 from a geotechnical engineer.

It is also required to consider the rules of local urban planning (buildable area allowed and distance of the neighborhood so high). A professional must inform you, an individual, not. more at It is therefore necessary to take steps to city hall to get the information. Moreover, it can happen, especially in the countryside, the land is not connected to mains drainage, electricity or telephone. Additional costs in its budget.
Who built it?

It's a matter of time, skills and financial means. First solution, self-construction. The idea is to save money, including taking on his own work such as decorating, plumbing etc. But must still be a bit handy. Self-build is also time consuming. It takes two to three years of life, weekends, vacations, a family sacrifice. Above all, it must be transformed into prime contractor, warns Steve Beaudel, Maisons France Confort. There are 17 trades involved in the construction of a house. It's been 17 contracts with companies to pass... that must verify insurance, guarantees... and all these companies will perhaps gone in 10 years. It will also coordinate work between different companies. Not so simple, but in the end, the satisfaction of having built his own home has no price.

Alternatively, choose a contractor (or an architect business...), who will take care of everything. The advantage, more freedom, including the future of home design, but at a price difficult to assess, because the budget is not rigged in advance.

Finally, if one has a non-expandable budget, no special expertise in legal or technical terms, it is better to see a builder, encourages Steve Beaudel, which states that it is the choice of 65% of the people who build a house. The advantages? One contact who takes care of everything (including the essential and complex building permits), which engages a known price in advance and has a financial guarantee of completion. Above all, we get on a deadline and if it exceeds, there are late penalty. more at This is a safety for the people who will sell their house, move or leave the apartment they rented.
Choose the manufacturer, although

You do not build his house as a furniture kit. More than ever, given the sums involved, it is necessary to turn to a good professional, storefront and with references. Word-of-mouth in the building is important, it should not hesitate to seek advice from friends who built. It is prudent to ask for referrals to the firm or architect will be responsible for building your home sweet home. Fairs of the house are also regularly held in France, the opportunity to meet professionals.

Do not hesitate to ask specialists like Foncier mortgage credit that have a duty to advise and can warn you against certain manufacturers or contractor, says Steve Beaudel Maisons France Confort. If in doubt, you can also call the manufacturer guarantees (as CEGI, Cegi-Bat, Zurich etc.) which is a justice and can warn you if there is a risk, including solvency. There is also an association of consumers, AAMOI (Association for Assistance to Masters of the Individual Work), which can guide you in case of doubt.
While visiting the site

On average, once the contract is signed and the license obtained built, more at it takes between nine and 12 months to build his house, considering the weather and holidays, sometimes more depending on the complexity of the site. No need to come every day to put pressure on the workers! However, it is advisable to seek the schedule of key milestones such as site preparation, pouring the slab, raising walls or planning the interior partitions. We suggest to make regular appointment with the clerk of works, including each major stage of construction, when we made calls to the funds, to check that all is well, said Will we at Homes France Confort. And do not worry if you see that the yard does not advance. For there is the drying time to substrates, crawlspace. Building a house for 150 years, it takes time. Do not forget also that you bring the camera.

This is an important moment because the client becomes the owner of his land, said Steve Beaudel. The process is not regulated if we built through a general contractor or tradesman. However, it is highly regulated for manufacturers. The owner has the option to be assisted by an expert who will check that everything is in order or possibly make reservations. In these conditions, it may engage holdback 5% of the price to the lifting of reservations. If it is not accompanied by an expert, then it will have 8 days to issue these reserves.