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5 best shows for female 20 somethings

Girls, are you watching the right shows on Netflix? I mean, if you're paying $7.99 a month for some dramatic, binge TV show watching, you've gotta do it right. As a Netflix expert, I thought I would share what I think the typical Starbucks in my hand, Tori Burch on my shoulder, salad for lunch, 20 something gal should being watching. You're welcome. <3

One Tree Hill

You know the regular, small town life that every typical girl seems to live? Well add near death situations, twisted family problems, and a rockin' alternative soundtrack. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: super attractive men. This show is hands down the most entertaining show that will make you fall in love with TV characters and learn things about life and yourself that you never though you would.

Desperate Housewives

Murder. Weird Neighbors. Tons of hook ups. And four MILF best friends that are entertaining as hell. The amount of drama and deceitfulness that occurs on this street alone is enough of a reason to watch this show. Through eight seasons of jam packed humor and mystery, you won't want to leave your bed. Like ever.

Orange is the New Black

I tried really hard not to watch this show because of how annoying the hype got. However, I recently caved and started my journey in lesbian prison. Although there are only two seasons on Netflix so far, this show is so unique in itself that you'll never been able to predict what's going to happen next. Stop trying to reject the mainstreamers and watch it.


I think sex and lies are about 85% of what this show is about. Not to mention, Kerry Washington plays the biggest badass I've seen on TV since Keifer Sutherland in the fifth season of 24. With only three seasons on Netflix, ABC is still filming this show and the fourth season set to air this fall. Start watching this show now, so that you can watch the new season live and actually have to wait a week to find out what craziness happens next. Wow. I can already feel the pain in that.

Gossip Girl or 90210

So this last recommendation depends on your preference. Go take this buzzfeed quiz right now, and then continue reading............ Ok, cool. So, obviously, if you got New York City (bless your soul) then you need to watch the six, bitchy seasons of Gossip Girl. And if you got Los Angeles, you need to watch the five, bitchy seasons of 90210. Each equally as juicy and basically unrealistic that these kids are in high school and acting like this. But hey, maybe this is how the rich actually live? A girl can dream right?

Okay, give it to me. What do you think
are the best shows on Netflix right now?

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