Jennie Finch's Strikeouts

From 1997 to 2007

Morgan Nowak

Jennie Finch pitching for team USA

How many strikeouts have changed for Jennie Finch had from 1997 to 2007?

Jennie Finch was a great pitcher throughout her career. In high school,(1997) she struck out 784 batters. She decreased on the amount of strikeouts since the batters got better throughout the year. At the end of her career (2007) she struck out 119 batters.  She has changed by 669 strikouts

The formula to solve percent of change is original number minus the new number, divided by the original number, times 100. In this formula, the original number is o and the new number is n

o-n / o * 100

It has decreased by 84.82%

I am and am not surprised by my findings. I am surprised because that is a really high number of strikeouts for the level she is at. It proves that she is an amazing pitcher. I am also not surprised by the results though because I figured it would decrease since the level from high school to pros gets harder and people get better. So a decrease by 84.82%  is good.

If Jennie Finch could still pitch  in 40 years, I think that her final strikeouts would stay the same as it was in 2009. In that level, it is probably the best you could get in your life. It may decrease more since she is getting older.  If she decreased by 84.82 % again, in 40 years, she would have 19 strikeouts that year. To get to this number I  found 84.82% of  119. I then subtracted the number I got by 119 and ended up with a  big decimal. I rounded and my answer was 19 strikeouts.  That is pretty low but there is a really big decrease percent.

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