Marine Ecosystem

Biotic features


Abiotic features


Carrying Capacity:

The number of people, other living organisms, or crops that an ecosystem can support. For a ecosystem to survive it needs plenty of food, water, shelter, and space.
Sharks are a very feared creature which is why about 100 million-273 million sharks are killed every year in their natural habitat.

Limiting factors are things that limit a population from striving. Ex. # of seals compared to sharks. Less seals means less sharks. More seals means more sharks to kill the seals and start the cycle again.

Phytoplankton and seaweed get their energy from the sun. while the sharks, dolphins, and albatross get their energy from lower levels because they are carnivores. Without the producers, the herbivorous consumers would have nothing to eat. Which would cause them to die and all the animals above them to die.  

Food chains show the direction of energy flow, while food webs show the multiple interactions among the different types of organisms. Causing food webs to be more realistic.

We use food pryramids instead of food spheres or food squares because the shape of the pyramid represents the flow of energy. Lots-Little.

producers are at the base because it is larger, like the population of the producers. While carnivores are at the top because the top is smaller, like the population.

By using the energy of sunlight, plants can convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen in a process called photosynthesis.The mesophyll cells have chloroplasts and this is where photosynthesis occurs.

A tropism is the turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus. Ex algae going to the sunlight in the ocean. If algae didnt do this it would die from lack of light; causing the food chain to get messed up.

Decomposers are important. Espessialy in the ocean. Without them there would just be dead sharks and fish laying around.

This is an ocean decomposer called a shipworm

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