The nobles cared very much as how they looked. They wore very any interesting outfits including wardrobes full of silk and gold jewelry. They also wore 12 layers of colored silk cleverly cut and folded to show off many layers at once. The nobles also carried delicate decorative fans.

Japanese also took great care with how they spoke and wrote. Writing was very popular among the nobles, especially among the women. Lots of women wrote diaries and journals about their lives at court. Unlike men who usually wrote in Chinese, noble women wrote in the Japanese language. One of the greatest writers in early Japanese history was Lady Muraski Shikibu. Around 1000 she wrote The Tale of Genji.

Besides literature, the Japan's nobles also loved visual art. The most popular art forms of the period were paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. In their paintings, the nobles of Heian liked bright, bold colors. They also liked paintings that illustrated stories. In fact, many of the greatest paintings from this period illustrate scenes from literature, such as The Tale of Genji.

The nobles of Heian worked to make their city beautiful