• COME TO ALABAMA WHERE THE HUNTING IS GOOD AND THE BOARS ARE BIG SO IF YOU LIKE TO TO HUNT OR EVEN IF YOU DON'T IT IS AWESOME THERE IS A LOT OF FUN THINGS LIKE GO TO LIKE OLD ALABAMA TOWN OR ROSA PARKS MUSEUM OR THE LUCAS TAVERN OR YOU CAN STAY IN ONE OF THE 72 HOTELS  THE WEATHER IS THE SUMMER IS Hot, with average temperatures in the 80s and peaks in the 90s F in July AND IN THE FALL Daytime temperatures in the 70s F, with lows in the 50s. You usually need only a sweater or light jacket through November. Rainfall is lowest in October. AND IN THE WINTER  Average daytime temperatures in the mid 50s F, with lows in the 30s. Severely cold weather  or even snow are rare in Alabama, though flurries can be seen in the higher elevation of North Alabama AND IN THE SPRING The majority of Alabama's spring days are warm and sunny. Rainfall across the state is highest in March, and temperatures average in the 60s F.  So if you are coming in the winter bring a warm coat and lang pants.  If you are coming in the fall bring a light jacket. If you are coming in the spring bring some pant an shorts.  If you are coming in the summer bring short and a sleeveless shirts and some swimming trucks.