Coal Ash?

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spills

Duke Energy is responsible for the clean up of the coal ash spills. From the articles, it seems that Duke Energy was indeed pumping the coal ash sludge illegally into many different rivers. They are the ones who started it, and so they are the ones who should clean it up.

Duke Energy's business ethics went down hill when the founding of the coal ash spills began. It seemed that Duke wasn't quite taking responsibility for what they had done. They were not being safe, and put many people in danger. Also, Duke was keeping the fact that they did not have the correct permits for the Dan River plant. If they are lying, they obviously do not have good business ethics. 

Coal ash was being dumped into  the Cape Fear River; the same river that the Cape Fear area gets their drinking water from. The 61 million gallons of coal ash water was filled with toxins and contained mercury, lead, and arsenic. There were also other  hazardous chemicals that could cause cancer. This coal ash spill marked the eighth environmental violation for Duke Energy.

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