My Journey

                    "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Anthony Robbins


In 2013 I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. That was the trip that I decided I would move there someday. Because life is better by the water.

My favorite concert I have every been to was Maroon 5!!

In the Eighth Grade I ran my first marathon.

My family and I moved to a new house!!


I love to dance!! This year will be my 12 year!  The group of girls in the top right corner, i'm lucky to say are my very best friends.

The little cutie in the corner is the newest addition to my family. And of course... shoes!! Because what life without shoes

It's finals week. This is probably how you will feel in a nutshell.


In the future I plan on graduating High School, then graduating collage. I plan on being a RN with my BSN.  Then later on I hope to have a family of my very own. And through it all remain like I am now, HAPPY!!

Good Luck class of 2019

It's your journey, take the course you want. But don't let the wind blow you astray and of your course. Have fun with you're journey! Focus on school and your grades, but don't focus so much that once you're done, letters and numbers are the only thing you remember from your journey.

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