FASHION: Japan was known for many things, people, and achievements. One thing they were highly know for was fashion. Their wardrobe was full of silk robes and gold jewelery. Nobles often carry delicate decorative fans to complete their outfit. These fans were painted on bright colors. Flowers, trees, and birds were painted on these fans. Many nobles attached flowers and long silk cords to their fans.

LITERATURE: in Japan writing was very popular. Woman carefully chose the words to make it beautiful. The men usually wrote in Chinese. Lady Murasaki Shikibu was a greatly respected and admired writer and she was very talented at it also.

VISUAL ART: paintings, calligraphy, and architecture were popular and still is in Japan. Heian liked brought and bold colors to make the painting stand out and look better/ more joyful. Calligraphy was popular and is a decorative writing. Painting that they painted usually showed scenes from nature.

ARCHITECTURE: people from here tried to make their place as elaborate and beautiful as they could. They also copied chinese building styles