Sidney Upstate New York

  1. Our time spent in Sidney was very educational anf fun! They also came down to manhattan with us. Both experiences were still educational and fun. When went to Natural Museum of History and looked at the exhibits. We toured several exhibits with a tour guide and several on our own. We toured the midevil times, modern art, and Keran history exhibit. On our own we wanted to explore monkey, but chris didn't want to! So, we didn;'t go. Although, we did get to go to Religious exhibit. After all of that we went home. Then, we scheduled a trip for Sidney. Once we got there we did several things. Like, test the water for four different things, we learned about the flood, we played at lunch with Sidney, and we hiked! We tested for different levels of acid, pollutants, and salt. I did not get time to go to the fourth one. When they told us about the flood, I was surprised. It was higher than me plus 4 inches!!! It also destroyed half of the town. At lunch we all played kickball and obioulsy ate!  At the end of the day we hiked which was just really cool. It was like 2 miles and we stopped two times one for a lake and one for a water holder.

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