Is the Illuminati conspiracy true?

English I

Luiz Ibarra

             The Illuminati is worldwide conspiracy that is seeking to take over the world or is in control. The Illuminati causes inflation, recessions, depressions, and control the world markets and support specific leaders and groups to help achieve their goals.  In the past ,a group of men wanted to take over the world and have failed. As the people grew more aware of the plans for world domination, they added forms of distractions like extra study sessions, work, entertainment, and sports. The group is made up of powerful people that work together for world domination. They control banks, work forces, education systems, and energy supplies. Sometimes they hide behind organizations like United Nations, WTO, and the Council of foreign relations. For the Illuminati to take control of everyone, they would have to be in control of everybody's money, specifically everybody who is in debt and that is exactly what the international banks are doing, so if everybody makes wasteful spending, it causes that and basically everybody is in debt to the banks. What he Illuminati does is distract us from the truth so that we lose money to the powerful conspirators. The Illuminati is also behind television shows such as Walt Disney. The logo of Walt Disney is an example of how the Illuminati is behind T.V shows. The lluminati's number is 666. Another symbol that they use is the all-seeing eye which can be found on the back of the one dollar bill or, you can see celebrities doing it such as Jay-z . So in conclusion, I believe the Illuminati conspiracy is true.

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