Reptile Class

Squamata Order

  Characteristics of the Reptile Class

The class reptilian includes animals which are cold blooded. The skin has a few cuteness glands and high levels of keratin, which prevents water loss through the skin. Reptiles are considered as tetra pods with two sets of paired limbs.

Reptiles are more suited fort terrestrial life than are amphibians. characteristics of reptiles are: They have dry-scaly skin; They possess limbs suited for rapid locomotion; They have copulatory organs that permit internal fertilization; They lay eggs on land that has a leathery outer covering which prevent them from drying out on land.


The order of the Reptile class: Crocodilia order, Squamata order, Rhynchocephalia order, and Chelonia order. I was assigned the Squamata Order. The Squamata order consist of Lizards and snakes. Some characteristics of the Squamata order is that they shed their skin periodically. Some squamates, such as snakes shed their skin in one piece. Lizards shed their skin in patches.


Snakes are noted for their unusual method of capturing their prey. Some snakes are poisonous, and possess special glands that produce venom which they inject into their prey through special teethe called fangs. They also use their tongues to find their prey and for smelling.


Pythons live near the equator, in asia and africa, where it is hot and wet and their huge bodies can stay warm. They make their homes in caves or in trees and have become used to living in cities and towns since people have been moving in on their territory. The blood python is a species of the snake family. The blood python appears in a spectrum of colors from dark brown to light yellow, and is the only species of the three short tailed pythons with red color phase, which has led to this snakes common name.

Ball Python
Blood Python

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