Education Apps

My Study Life

My Study Life is a mobile planner app for students and teachers. The app allows a student or teacher to coordinate their entire student life. From upcoming assignments to quizzes to deadlines, My Study Life can ensure that an assignment or quiz is never forgotten again. This app can also connect to the cloud so your schedule can be accessed from any device wherever you are. This could be a great replacement for the standard paper agenda or day-timer typically used  in schools.


Handouts is a mobile app for teachers to share a variety of different handouts. Assignments, quizzes, letters to parents, and many different originally paper based handout can be shared to all students in a class. By just scanning a picture or just sending the original online document, teachers can ensure that students are all receiving the handouts, as well as taking them home to their parents. The paper waste that comes from having to print off numerous copies of a handout will no longer have to e a problem with this app.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an app that can help teachers and parents help students reflect upon their behavior. With Class Dojo, a teacher can award students points for their good behavior throughout the school year. They can also log behavior that may need improving, and have the student reflect upon what they could have don differently. The app can also be accessed from home so parent can see how their child is behaving in school.

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives is an app that can be used as a great classroom tool for math. With Virtual Manipulatives, students can play with different manipulatives for whole numbers or fractions and even see how they match up to real world objects. This app is great for an elementary classroom to help students really grasp certain number concepts.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great resource for both students and educators. With Khan Academy, teachers can find videos, lessons, and numerous other resources to share with their students and to enhance their lesson. Students can also use Khan Academy to enhance their own learning. There are many different styles of resources available on Khan Academy, so it is a great tool to use when working with many different learning styles.

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