Tools of the Trade
By: Samara Buell

Here I am writing about tools that I've learned in my technology class


Edmodo is a website made for teachers & students to communicate

The benefits of using Edmodo really helps you keep track of what missing work/class work that is due in your classes; and if your ever in need of help on understanding something you can always tell your teacher through Edmodo to tell him/her what you need help on.


Remind is kind of like Edmodo but different in certain ways..

The benefit of using Remind is just like Edmodo; it keeps you on track. is a website where you can make infographics to keep yourself organized or create for a project in class to explain a certain concept you may have made it about.

The benefit of using is pretty good because with you can design your presentation anyway you want. It makes doing a project more fun/interesting.


Tackk is a website for students/teachers to create presentations for a class project/lesson to present to the class.

The benefits of using Tackk makes things easier to do (to keep yourself organized).

Design Cycle

Inquiring & Analyzing~

To identify or analyze something, like examining something.

Developing Ideas~

When you start to think about something, like brainstorming.


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