Saturn Atmosphere

Visit Saturn

Saturn would be the sides of a basketball. Saturn takes 10.7 hours ( the time it takes Saturn to rotate or spin once.) Saturn makes a complete orbit around the sun ( A year in saturnini time ) In 29 years days. Saturn is a gas planet and does not have a surface . Saturn atmosphere is made mostly of hydrogen (h2) and helium (he) Saturn has 53 know moons with an additional 9 moons awaiting confirmation of their discovery . Saturn has the best spectular rings in our solar system planets. Its made up of seven rings with several gaps and division between them Five mission have been sent to Saturn. Since 2004 ,cassini has been exploring Saturn cannot support life as we know it. However some of saturn moons have conditions that might support life.The handles turn out to be the rings of saturn.You need a helmet,suit,boots and oxygen tanks and food and water to survive

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