by: Kellie Luton


A Veterinarian is a physician trained to diagnose and treat diseases in animals. There are different kinds of Veterinarians that cover different fields such as small domestic animals to zoo animals to larger farm livestock.


To become a veterinarian, you must go through years of college. You start off by taking different classes in college, mainly those focused around biology and similar sciences. After you receive a Bachelor's degree, you are required to get into a school of Veterinary Medicine. The slots to get into a veterinary program are very limited and it is a very competitive program. To get in you must maintain good grades throughout college.

After College

After graduating from Vet school and obtaining a license to practice veterinary medicine, most students intern or work with an experienced veterinary for at least two years to gain different credentials and also to give them time to take other classes on newly forming diseases and techniques.


Veterinarians with all of their credentials in place, experience and an average veterinary practice usually earn somewhere around $84,000 annually. This is a very healthy salary and compares to that of a physician's assistant. Salary varies based on the veterinarian, the location of the practice and the years of experience.

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