Nothing But The Truth

If you are caught in the middle of a river with a really strong current what do you do? If you go along with it you will be swept away. If you swim against it you won’t get anywhere. You have to swim diagonally. In the book Nothing but the Truth by Avi the theme is ‘you have to go along to get along.’ Miss Narwin is the river. She is the stronger force and Philip is stuck in the middle. He can’t just let her win and he tries to swim against the current by humming to the National Anthem and being so determined to change classes. These occurrences are shown in the book. Miss Narwin-“Is that you Phillip?” Philip-“Just humming.” (Avi 43) and Philip-“...No way I’m staying in her classes.” (Avi 47). Though Miss Narwin may be open to becoming a looser current with sandbanks for rest she is strict and passionate in literature and her class. In a letter to the principal she writes “ As you can see I am applying to the State University for a summer program entitled “New Approaches to the Teaching of literature for Today’s Students.” (Avi 17-18) also Narwin- “ life was meant to be the bringing of fine literature to young minds” (Avi 5). If Philip started ‘going along’ with Miss Narwin he could ‘get along’ in her class and with his life. He isn't passing her class and because of the at he can’t try out for track. Even the coach tells him “... sometimes you have to go along get along...” (Avi 29).

Life Lesson: Sometimes you have to go along to get along.

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