Heroic Passengers

(Saving Lives Isn't Easy)

Three historic survivors in hurricanes came to the attention of many articles and news. These amazing kids have completed heroic task towards there city, and many Americans. Hurricanes have whipped out more than one hundred Americans in one setting. These heroic kids have found ways to subtract that number. These heroic heroes go by the name Matt, De'monte, And a girl by the name of Ariel.   

Lets start with Matt. Matt is a 17 year old teenager, who witnessed the houses of his closest and dearest friends lost, but that didn't stop him.  Pushing forward, Matt and his little brother have struggled to build and help the lives of these innocent lives. Matt describes that the water came to his stomach the deeper you got, and he almost couldn't walk in the cold frustrating water. he describes how he built sandbags, with the help of his brother, to stop the water from getting into the houses. He said it didn't work to well, so him and his family reached out to get to the neighbors house, witch happened to be 2 story's bigger. On the way there, dogs and grandmas struck ! Falling everywhere, Matt describes how he cant keep up with them. People where everywhere! Matt strictly grabs people, loading them inside the neighborhood for safety.  It was a long night. Lives where lost and memories where gone. However, in De'montes story things occur further different. De'monte is a 6 year old boy, whose mom and dad may have been lost for years during the separation. De'monte has several brother and sisters. They sometimes call him the leader of them all, and this is why. De'monte and his family were devastated. They had just got separated from there parents and they was on the way towards society. There parents state that they would had given there life towards De'monte and his brothers, and they almost did. De'monte and his sister were on the way towards the airport when an officer was investigating. De'monte wasn't scared. His brothers and sisters were terrified, they wouldn't say a thing.  Witch reminds you of Matt, because Matt was more informational than his brother. De'monte gave the investigators everything. With out De'monte, these kids would have lost there mother, without Matt, lives of people and animals would have been gone, but none of this was the case for a low town girl by the name of Ariel. De'monte and Matt were life savors, Ariel would be more of a life changer. Ariel was devastated by the looks of the damage and hurt, that the hurricane had left them. She wanted hope. She created a program on Facebook called "Survivors Silver Lining," that helps survivors in need with donors who want help. Ariel was very lucky, she didn't go through any physical worries.  Ariel actually didn't loose her home. The storm flooded out her basement, but that not even half the damaged that happened towards Matt and De'monte. They almost lost there life, while Ariel was sitting back watching tv.

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