Linda Sue Park and "A Long Walk to Water"

    Linda Sue Park is an author of many books including "Seesaw Girl," "A Single Shard," and "A Long Walk to Water." "A Long Walk to Water" is a book that shows the life of Salva, a boy that lived in Sudan in 1985. It also shows a fictional character called Nya who must make a long walk to water twice, every day, to help keep her family alive. This book shows what happened to real people during the war in Sudan (

  Linda Sue Park was born in Illinois and loved to read as a child. Her first payed work was a haiku that was sold to a magazine for one dollar.  Mrs. Park went to college and obtained a degree in English.  She moved around the world teaching English as a second language until she realized she wanted to write books.  One day, she met Salva at a party and they started talking about where he was from. Linda Sue Park was inspired by his story and wrote a book about it (Scholastic). This book is now a New York Times bestseller (Amazon).  Mrs. Park has many achievements such as winning the Newberry Award for, "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children," with her book "A Single Shard," (Association for Library Service to Children).

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