Trip to the Americas for Exploration from France

Petition to go to North America with Funds From France

I am a German explorer from 1535 coming to France to ask if King Francis I could fund my trip to the Americas to find gold, spices, and passages to Asia. I might also be able to find some land for you to make a place where we could stay. I would travel to the west coast of America because I’ve heard that there is a lot of gold there that no one knows about. You could also go farther west for a water route to Asia. England and Spain are also exploring for trading routes and gold. In case our group encounters any natives, I will try to be nice to them and not force them to go somewhere else. Maybe show them how our culture works. I will just try not to make them angry. If we encounter any of the Spanish or English, I will try to have them as allies for a little bit, then go on by ourselves later on to have no conflict. I will expect to encounter some wild animals, diseases and sicknesses, and attacks. To prevent those from distracting the crew, I’ll have people wear comfortable, but sturdy clothes, just in case we need to flee. A lot of diseases come from dirty water, so I’ll tell everyone to only get water from a fresh water area with not a lot of animals crawling around, or catch as much rain water as possible so we could drink it later on. For attacks, I’ll have people watching and defending our base so we will be prepared for anything.

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