The parts of a river

The parts of a river are:
Great Basin

by: Lisset Hernandez

This river is the shows a few of the parts in a watershed.



Sources is where the water begins at. It usually is up in a mountain, because when it snows the snow melts causing water to fall in a river like way.

This represents how the water goes from the mountains( Source) to the river bed


This is the floodplain of the Bekee River in western Thailand.


This picture represents the floodplain in Bekee River. Floodplain is the relativly flat land adjacent to a river channel thay is underwater when the river floods.

This is the headwaters of the Snake river.

Great Basin Watershed

Headwaters is when extreme upper reaches of a stream. For example the light is blocked from the trees, so it makes plant life in the stream scarce. Headwaters also makes less nutritious unavailable.

The Great Basin covers most of Nevada and parts of other states surrounding it.

The Great Basin watershed covers most of Nevada and parts of other states such as California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and a bit of Wyoming.  Great Basin is a watershed where the water does not flow to the ocean. Because it does not flow to the ocean it stays in the watershed waiting for evaporation to happen. When it evaporates salt is left behind.


This is a how the water goes from the source to the river bed.

Source is where the water begins. Usually in the mountains, because when the mountains have snow it melts in summer causing it to fall in a river like way toward the channel or river bed. The waters starts at the top causing the hill (because of it's downhill) to go down and that is where the water finishes the ride in the channel or water bed.


This diagram shows not only delta, but other river parts too

Delta is sediment deposits where a river flows into an ocean or lake build up a landform.


This a diagram that has tributary and other parts of a river.

In the photo it says that tributary is a river or stream that feeds into another river,rather than ending in a lake or ocean. If a river is large, it is likely fed by a number of tributaries.



Downriver is between the headwaters and the flood plain. The picture above represents the way the river is going down for it is a downriver.


This is the divide of the Cardinal River.

The divide in rivers for example the one shown above are mountain ranges that divide rivers. The one shown above is the divide of the Cardinal River.

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