The journal of Rodger bellhood

I am roger bell hood.I am from Washington

I am a 29 year old laborer working at the docks my family is still in new York I was saving up to travel there and stay there they have a job at a cloth and supply shop I live in a temporary home a man let me borrow it free of charge he is the dock master so I am grateful.

I was on the union Why? My father was a man who helped slaves to freedom he never got caught so I learned to help people who aren't as happy.

captain of the 478th battalion right flank

yes I have a young boy with me He is my son My wife was murdered in a mix up at a bar She was always drunk but she was a good woman my son is only 14 he is also in the army private second class drummer boy. Chris: Aww, my bread basket

Max: Well we’re just jailbirds at this union camp

Chris: Hey looky here, some o’ those fresh fish are getting the hard case

Max Well let me get the pepper boxes and the hornets

Chris: ya, and have the buggers whip your booty

Max: Well, I been through the mill, and never in in my life have i been captured.

Chris: This yo first battle now just get snug as a bug and lay down.

Max: now I’m gonna grab some root and some tar water

Chris: sorry gotta get rid of my chronic quick step... man I hate my life as a glove boy.

Max: sorry i’m wallpapered

Chris: I’m gonna get tight too possum

Max: Ya bluff, no matter how hard you squeeze you ain't getting as tight as me

Chris: Another call for my chronic quickstep

Max: Oh

Chris: it ain't coming out

Max: use your Arkansas toothpick

Chris: well i’m all played out

The caption Is the death of the battle field


I am sorry that I have not written in  a while the war has been log and we have been drilled very long so many men have passed out from the drills and the chores the worst ones is the gun cleaning and the kitchen. So many of my men are still trying to get the hang of the drills but its hard. In the picture below it is us drilling in a trench for the canons, The punishments are harsh too one of my men named Louis AKA sleek was punished for not cleaning out the backpack he whore he was then told to put rocks in his pack and walk 13 miles with his gun and run back to camp. He was wiped out so he was sent to the doc and was rested up for the next thing.  I on the other hand have been too busy to writ and I am sorry for that. Your son Roger.

Jeremiah, when you chose to _Fight with the Union  __, You were very confident

what caused you to make that choice?

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?  I am happy that I am glad that I was aloud to live in the confederate camps because I was a southerner so I am still happy for there calmness.
Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? That I could have fought with my brother and not against him. but I can not change the future even though I wish I could.
Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")

  Went down to rivers flow

Met a man named johnny

Went to go clean my gun

He said to me, he was no holy one

and I said roll johnny roll roll johnny roll

I'm way too far to see the light so roll johnny roll

now I was walking off the path to see what was about

and there he was screaming his head that he was done too

And I said roll johnny roll roll johnny roll I’m too far gone to see my wife so

roll johnny roll roll johnny roll I'm way too far to hear the fight so roll johnny roll

as we were walking away he said to me let me be

the one man the lord does bless and then he rest his head   And I Said Roll johnny roll johnny roll My soul arisen heaven lord the years of this war and  I said roll johnny roll roll johnny roll My soul arisen heaven lord the years of this war.

dear mom and dad,

the lines my friend are very harsh indeed We are very horribly sick and wounded except for a few of us but my men are either dead or dying few are still alive I have ten healthy men left the rest are still hospitalized I am fine the men yes I got the letter you wanting to know there nicknames here they are my second in command shoes shiner he shoes are always clean, my top gunner and sniper king ace never misses a shot, My other sniper joker he use his pistol a lot but hes a good shot, my drummer boy Jake, my 6 men on the campgrounds Are bolder roller ground hog bug eye dead shot and last but not least killer lode but we are still drilling and stuff thank you for the candy and the cigars they were gone with in two weeks could you now send me a barrel of whisky and 30 oz of beef the men are now happy we have many drink and food so.merry Christmas mom and dad.

dear mom and dad

I have had very little time but Please send me a pack of cigars a pack full of candy and a new pistol my offers one was shot in the side but The food I have eaten are long gone But now I have Very little strength in my body but the most fun I've ever had was playing cards and reading a good book about the oz city. But after a while it was boring and the men want to kill each other, ever since the food was running low We started making other things, my favorite the old shoe board basically a worm filled potato and a side of rotten onions with a bowl of bug guts. mmmm well I have to go so bye.

From Rodger

To the family of roger bell hood,

Your son's body was found today with a letter of his will we have attached it to this one we are sorry to say your son was K.I.A his will is as follows below

Dear mom, and family, This was the moment you were all dreading my death but in this case of my going I am prepared to give you my items to my wife and son my army pay and the land I have bought before I joined the army to mom and dad and little susy I give you my laundering money from the dock job I had and three slave that are in need of a honest job and a place to sleep. To my friends I give them my gun and sacel use it well. I also am confessing that I will be buried where I am killed I have served my country well but the blackness is surrounding my vision My deepest apologies to all for not coming to live with you, If this is found by my own men please tell them I am sorry for rejecting that supply job when I was young.

sighed your son Roger

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