Chad, Africa

an amazing place with amazing expiriencs

Background: Chad has a longitude of 16.0333 degrees east and a longitude of 12.1000 degrees north. Chad has a variety of neighboring countries surrounding it, which include Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria Egypt and more. Chad has warmer  weather than most places. in the Northern region of Chad, Chad is hot and dry. They other regions on they other hand are mostly wet and moist. Chad's main body of water is Lake Chad. And there vegetation is mostly shrubs tall grass, exc. These don't effect the villagers to much. What is fascinating is that there 2 main languages are Arabic language and ... French. Who would guess there second language was French.

The happy children smiling, but not all are happy. Learn more by reading.

cultural experiences: Chad is a great place to celebrate unique and different holidays festivals and more. With a variety of events, you will sure catch one if you decide to go there. One of the popular festivals it feast of sacrifice. even though chad doesn't have all the bit of money, they still do there best to enjoy themselves. some tradition include independence day Labor day, National day and more. There food is uniqe in it's own way. there food includes karkanje, jas de fruit, laq bouitle and more.

clothing asnd jewels

Lifestyle: Chad Has a unique lifestyle. For clothing they don't wear much clothes as they like to decorate them selves with body painting, jewelry, scarifacatroy, and leadwork. Music that Chad listens to is  similar to music in other places such as congo. TThey also have not so common music such as  Teda Music and Soukow Music.

Historical events: to start off Chad became an aconomous French community. Chad did not invent independence day as they got independence day from France which is cool because France is as well French like Chad. Chad declared a state of WAR  against Sudan on December 19 in 2005. This is the most recent and biggest one, but there have been previous smaller ones.

Overall if you do decide to go to chad it would be a great experience. to help theme you can help with Getting water from ponds or medical help or anything. and in return you might catch a festival.


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