HELP WANTED: physical therapy assistant

        If interested contact Brianna Seago with any questions or concerns.     

Looking for someone to be an assistant for the physical therapist. you must have a Doctoral degree, Bachelors degree, and Masters degree.

You must be able to help the disabled, have a lot of strength, and be able to think critical.

-- You will be helping the young and the old build self esteem. help them with their injuries and exercise the ability to stretch out their problems. and also help them under stand that they can do it. GIVE THEM HOPE!!!!

-- You will have to work at least 40 hours a week. You have to be a skilled nurse, have worked at a clinic or office, and have practiced at fitness centers and training facilities.

-- You have to be interested and dedicated to your job and LOVE to help people, cause hey that's what you will be doing daily.

-- Have a work value in: Recolonization, Achievement, and Relationships.

-- You have to have skills in: Critical Thinking, Speaking, Active Listening, Writing, and Judgment Making.

-- You must have a degree in: Doctoral, Masters, and Bachelors

-- Annual Salary: $38.96 an hour, or $81,030 annually

-- You can be a RN, message therapy, and rehabilitation counseling

-- The growth potential is very good, because everyone gets hurt and injured and has to be rehabilitated or counseled and they need to understand that they can get over their injury if they try hard enough and have FAITH!!

-- You may have to have flextime and you can also use telecommunication. You can work from home on some days.

-- If you have any questions and are actually interested contact me...   Brianna Seago


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