Concentration Camp Life

Life in the concentration camps was extremely difficult for the prisoners, who were often treated as little more than animals by the Nazi Officers and Guards. Many aspects of their life were taken from them, and what they were given could barely pass as human rights. They were slowly starved, beaten, shot, and murdered. This was all normal in a regular day at the camp. The picture above is taken from a concentration camp, showing how starved they were to the point of their bones showing through their skin.

Prisoners were identified by many things, including religion, race, political affiliations, sexuality, etc. They were dehumanized and forced to wear patches, which let discrimination from the guards be that much easier.

This large classification system let people know who they were and what they did to get into the camps. Life in concentration camps was also extremely difficult due to how brutally they were treated by everyone around them, be it prisoners, guards, or officers. Here is a video from a Holocaust survivor detailing their experience.

Holocaust Survivor Speaks

Terrible things happened at these camps. Brutal mistreatment, murder, beatings, disregard for human rights to name a few. The Nazi regime thought of the Jews as vermin, needing to be exterminated in order for a cleaner Aryan Germany. Hitler's Final Solution was no solution at all, the program itself was the true problem.

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