will receive national attention.

On Aug. 9, 2014, Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, saw saw two black men — Brown, 18, and his friend Dorian Johnson, 22 at the time — walking in the middle of a Ferguson street after hearing dispatchers describe suspects who stole packages of cigarillos from a convenience store several blocks away. Wilson and Brown, who was unarmed, got into an altercation a little after noon that day, and the officer fired 12 shots at Brown, fatally injuring him.


Anger follows police shooting in St. Louis suburb

Next month, a silent march will start at 11 a.m. Aug. 9 from the site of the shooting to Greater St. Mark Family Church, about a mile away, according to the Ferguson Action Council, which is organizing a Ferguson Uprising Commemoration Weekend. The group also plans an art event, rap and rock concerts.

City officials say they're planning a jobs fair and other events that weekend and are happy that a St. Louis radio talk-show host enlisted more than 250 volunteers for a cleanup effort this past Monday.


Timeline: Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Asked what Ferguson residents can expect Aug. 9, Beasley was optimistic.

"Were hoping for, obviously, (is) a little bit of a different situation" from the protests that turned violent following Brown's death, Beasley said. "They can expect we're going to be very encouraging, supportive, but also make sure the laws are upheld, but making sure people have the right to exercise their civil rights the proper way."

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Prayers were offered for protesters and police the evening after two officers were shot while standing guard outside the Ferguson Police Department. VPC

'Absolutely unwarranted,' lawyer says of cop's indictment

And all of the city officials know that any missteps as protesters mark the anniversary of Brown's death will receive national attention.

"I've asked the police department to adopt four things as we start: We want to embrace professionalism, we want to embrace respect, we want to embrace community engagement and we want to make the community safer," Anderson said.

Just since the start of this year, at least 664 people have died at the hands of police, including at least 174 blacks, according to a Guardian database. The British newspaper has been gathering data through news reports to count deaths caused by law-enforcement officers across the USA

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