Niccolo Machiavelli

Age he was at his death: 58                                 Nationality: Italian

Where he lived: Florence, Italy

Family Members

Bernardo Di Niccolo Machiavelli- Father, Bartholomea Di Stefano Nelli- Mother, Marietta Corsini- Spouse, six children(four boys, two girls), one sister and two brothers.

Physical Appearance

Skinny, brown hair; with defined check bones, and jaw line.

Personality Traits

He is selfish, but honest. He has the ability to anticipate with others thinking, he's good with leadership skills, his personality is unusual; he's described as aloof, as standing to one side of life.


His education started at the age of seven, he received a typical education for a boy of the middle class, learning Latin and reading the classical Roman & Greek authors.

He was employed as a historiographer(1521-1525)


1504- Machiavelli's poem "The First Decade" was published

He was head of the second chancery at age 29

He carried out diplomatic missions in France, Germany, and Italy.

He wrote books that were like handbooks for rulers; wrote many books and poems.

He was a diplomat, a military planner, and much more.

Other Important Things

He died in Florence on June 21st, 1527

He's best known for the Prince, which showed how a self-serving ruler will follow the policy that the "end justifies the means," whereby a ruler can gain power (the "means") in any deceitful or unjust manner possible in order to achieve his often undisclosed goals (the "end").

He had a passion for ancient history, he had a fierce desire to rebuild the government with a stronger political and moral foundation; similar to that of the Roman Republic.


  • He was the leading political theorist of the Renaissance and one of the best nonfiction writers in all of Italian literature.

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