Japan is one of the best places in the world. The country has a literacy rate

of 99% and is the 3ed country for Country’s GDP Rank in the World. Also it has a life expectancy for males is 82 and for females it is 87 and a population of 127.3 million

This is japan's leader Shinzō Abe he leads the country. If you did not know japan is a industrialized global free market economy and Japan's type of currency is the Japanese yen.


This is Tokyo Japan's capital and one of the best places to see. These are some of the things to do in Japan just to name a some for amusement parks there is hanayashiki, fuji q highland, toshimaen and universal studios japan

There's also lots of sightseeing like at mount fuji, sensoji temple, and tokyo skytree

This is Viz media one of the more popular companies in Japan. viz media is a publishing company that publishes manga. Manga is like a japanese version of comic books. Some of the manga comes to the U.S. Like Naruto and one piece. Manga is a big part of the country  

Lastly here is some history of Japan World War II: The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and thrust the United States into the war. 7 December 1941

1964 Summer Olympics: Tokyo hosted the Olympics, marking the first time the Games were held in Asia. 10 October 1964

The earthquake and tsunami caused a nuclear disaster in Fukushima. 11 March 2011  

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