Agents of Socialization.


Texas Trip with the Family.
Cierra and I in our prime!
Our puppy Koda

Family has socialized me by going on trips, teaching me that baseball bats are not a toy, responsibility with Koda, and through music, my whole family jams to Collar Full.

Trips socialize me due to the fact that when were together on trips, were forced to speak with one another and socialize.

My family taught me that bats are not a toy. After the picture of Cierra and I, I swung and hit her in the face with the bat.

Our dog, Koda taught me responsibility. When on walks with him, kids around the block always come and ask if they can pet him, remembering to feed him as well as cleaning up after him.

The song by Panic at the Disco, Collar Full, has brought my family together because were always jamming out to it when it comes on.


Football Friday Nights at Gahanna!
Teens at lunch socializing after a quick selfie!
Students texting in class

School has socialized me in many ways. We all go to school to learn how to solve some math problems, or how to write a formal paper or how to find moles in a chemistry equation, but what i didn't realize is that school socialized me without me knowing! While sitting in class I'll find my self speaking with kids id never thought id talk to. While at lunch ill find my self getting new foods and experiencing new things. School sure has taught me a lot of material, but it has also taught me to stand up for what I believe in. Sure somethings maybe different from another point of view, but if you value it, then it must be right! And, yes. School did teach me all of this.

Peer Groups

Fellow teammate, Brianna White!
Last Summer at the pool, with some friends. Got this awesome shot of me!
Zip-lining with my Familys Church Group!

Believe it or not, I am in that video. While at a friends house, we decided to go mattress sliding! As a group, we thought it would be a good idea. Peer groups helped socialize me because if it wasn't for the mattress sliding, bowling on the team, being at the pool, or zip lining last summer, I wouldn't have any of the friends I have today. Peer groups taught me to stand up for myself when times get tough and to always be myself. If it wasn't for my group of friends I probably would still be alone and private. Peer groups as a whole taught me that friendship is a precious thing in life and that we need to cherish it.

Mass Media

Instagram, Obviously.
Tweet Tweet

Someone please make Iggy stop.

The mass Media has socialized me Positively and Negatively. Rather it be twitter fights, or nice conversations with people it socialized me. I learned that so many people can talk big behind a key board but not to your face. Mass media is always changing and its never going to stop. Mass Media taught me that you cant say anything you want, it ALWAYS comes back to haunt you, even it you delete it.

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