The Perfect Mate project

An outside Person,Inside too its Okay!!

I like a woman who likes to go for a swim and chill outside with some sandwiches!


I like girls that dress nice like 24/7

Lets Go Cowboys!!

I like girls that i can watch sports with!

Its All about Xbox, Whats UP!!!

Even though i like to be outside i also love to game so id like a girl who would game with me,if she hates it i don't really care i hate split screen,if she wants to, then yea sure!


Dem Glasses doe!

I like smart girls that i can have long conversations with.

Get Ready to Rummbllle! (boxing)

I like girls that i can have playful wresting and tickle fights and once in a while we could have prank wars that would be legit!

What are you doing with my mom?

It would be awesome if my lover would be good friends with my mom

Muah! Perfecto!!

i like girls that can cook and i know girls like to cook, if she doesn't know how to cook its really doesn't matter because i like to cook

Bailando Las Cumbias!!

i think this is the most important in my list because i love to dance if you were to put a song now id dance it, so id like a girl who can really dance well.

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