"Even" Brain

The Right and Left Brain

By: Riley H.

Did you know that you have 2 brains? These brains are known as the left brain and right brain. They both control your actions and behaviors, but they think differently. Each half of your brain has a main function. These two brains work together to make us who we are. Whenever you sing, the right brain gives you the melody and the rhythm while the left brain gives the words to sing. The right brain controls the left side of your body.  If you were to raise your left hand, your right brain would be the side you were using.  It may seem confusing but remember opposites control each side.

As you already learned, the right brain controls the left parts of your body, and the left brain controls your right parts of your body. The right brain is your creative brain. It does all the things that make you creative in your life. Your left brain is left with the logical part of you. Your brain is unique and both the left and right sides of the brain are important in making you who you are. There is no better brain, think of it like a chess game. The best piece could be a queen, but you only have 1, the worst piece some people would say, would be the pawn piece, they can’t do as much, but you have more. So there is no better brain.

Right over your head

The right brain, as you have learned just now, is the creative brain, and people who are “right brained” recognize faces, objects, and places. Right brainers have a good imagination. The right brain pays attention to the big idea. Right brainers spend free time outside. Since the right brain controls the left side, many left handed people are considered right brained. An interesting fact, left handers have a greater chance of recovering from a stroke / brain damage.

Schools are not set up for the right brain learner. Right brains could be the reason why schools have many people who just can’t stand it. Right brains aren’t logical, so people in school with a great dominance of the right brain feel that education is more hostile depending on the dominance. Boys are usually right brainers, and normally there are more boys in a classroom. This creates more work for the teacher because they are under stress to try to meet the needs of both a cright brain learner and a left brain learner. Teachers need to balance logic and creativity

Left Behind

The left brain recognizes numbers, language, reasoning letters. The left brain pays attention to the details. Most girls are commonly left brained, just remember just because you are girl doesn’t mean you are necessarily left brained. Another common trait of the left brain is a lack of humor at school. Left brained people are good at logic. People left brained spend their free time indoors.

  Left brainers (mostly girls) are logical and agree that learning is fun. It`s personality to love logic and they pay attention unlike most boys because they aren’t logical. This also could be the reason why girls behave during school and boys typically do not.   

  The Equal Side

  The right brain and left brain both have the same parts of the brain, all of the lobes are the same and in the same spot/same shape. There is no special part that only one side of the brain has. Both sides are the same size. The world needs left and right brainers. The brains work together even if you think you’re the most logical or creative person in the world. Both brains recognize different items, the left brain can recognizes numbers. Right brains can recognize faces.

You recently learned about your equal two sided brain, the right and left brain. The even brain, just the ticket for a dream you always wanted. You can do anything you want with it, even more if you find new secrets to your own brain. It doesn’t matter if you think you are the most creative/logical person in the world, you will still use both brains no matter what. Both brains are equal. Your two hemispheres work together however each hemisphere exhibits particular strengths.

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