Internet Saftey

By: Zach

Distracting isn't it?

Sometimes that could happen when being on the internet, being on social media and youtube and other social medias of that sort. Sometimes you just get caught up in social media that you don't pay attention and you could end up in a car crash or even trip and fall. Some things to just thing about.

one thing to do to be safe while on the internet is to never give out your password, only share your password to a teacher or trusted adult.

another thing you can do is never download anything without a parent's permission and make sure it is the right thing so you don't get a bug!

Here is a video on internet safety enjoy!

wow wasn't that inspiring, don't you just want to not go outside and sit on your computer all day? Well I guess you decided to look at my Tackk page so, go outside and get off your computer and do something. seriously. jeez.

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