Creating OneNote Notebooks

2014-2015 Lead Trailblazers

During this session we will cover the basics of OneNote and create a teacher's notebook to share with your administrator to keep track of parent contacts.  We will discuss and share other teacher and students notebooks that can be created and used throughout the school year.


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Let's Practice!

- Create a table
- File Printout vs. File Attachment
- Screen Clipping
- Insert Picture
- Insert Video
- Draw
- Adding tabs and pages
- Password lock tabs (Photos below)

How to Set up a Notebook

Click on File / New / OneDrive - Login to One Drive

Name your Notebook - 14-15 Teacher's last name

Share your notebook with your administrator and partner teacher.

Double click on the tab to rename.  Name the tab Parent Communication.

Create table for parent contact 1, then copy and past the table for contact 2.

Create table for parent communication.

Copy and paste to create new pages with the default format.

Let's Reflect!

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