Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

B. Dickey


Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was significant because it helped people communicate with relatives that lived far away without having to send things in the mail. It also saved time and energy that went into writing and sending a letter. This invention was very useful and eliminated the need to hand-write and send letters.

Light bulb-1879

Thomas Edison

The light bulb was important because it made things safer and easier. Having a live flame in your house posed many safety problems. This invention eliminated the need for candles or other forms of light.


Thomas Edison

The phonograph was important because it laid out the path for music and speakers today. Without this invention, we might not have phones that play music, or even CD or tape players. This invention allowed you to choose the music you wanted to play without having to listen to the radio.


George Eastman

The invention of the hand-held camera paved the way to what cameras are today. The first Kodak camera has contributed many things to what cameras are like in the present time. This invention eliminated the need for big bulky cameras.

Gas-Powered Automobile- 1893

Frank Duryea

The invention of the first gas powered automobile was very monumental. You could now drive places and get there faster. You not only got there faster, but you also didn't have to walk.


Wilbur and Orville Wright

The first successful flight occurred in 1903. This event was very important because now, you could fly great distances in very little time. Travel was now getting easier and the airplane contributed greatly to the evolution of flight.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

The automatic dishwasher was important because it eliminated the need for people to hand wash things. This saved time and energy. The basic design of this invention is also still in use today.

Periodic Table of Elements-1865

Dmitri Mendeleev

This was a way to organize all the elements. This invention also helps greatly in modern-day situations. Students and scientists now can use it to predict things. Science was improving things and making things easier everyday.


John Milne

The invention of the seismograph was very unique. Now, scientists could record earthquakes, and technology was improving. This invention not only helped predict earthquakes, but it could also classify what level the earthquake was based on the size of the data recorded.

Motion Picture-1895

Louis and Auguste Lumière

The creation of motion picture was beneficial in many ways. It was very important because it showed things moving over a period of time. This was a new way to capture pictures, and it became very popular.

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