Safavid Silk Road Trader

I am a trader in the Safavid Empire. As a trader, I am small part of the Silk Road trading chain that stretches about 4,000 miles from Europe to Asia. The Silk Road consists of many small chains that links Europe and Asia together and allows these two countries to trade goods with each other. All links in the Silk Road trading chain have important roles and missing one link would separate the entire trading chain.

This is a picture of the Safavid Dynasty that I lived in. My home city is called Kashan and the city that I traded with was called Tabriz.
I brought goods such as spices and jewelry from Kashan to the city of Tabriz where I traded them for coffee, metals, and sugar​.

The spices and jewelry I brought to Tabriz to trade with originally came from Asia and they will slowly make their way all the way to Europe. Most of the coffee, metals, and sugar I traded for in Tabriz came from Europe and are on their way to Asia. Even though I only did a small part in passing on the trading goods between Asia and Europe, this trading chain would not work without me.

My home city of Kashan is still standing today and is located in modern day Iran. All of modern day Iran was included in the Safavid Empire. My part in the Silk Road trading chain is to bring goods back and forth between my home city of Kashan and the city of Tabriz. The goods would then be taken by another trader and slowly passed on throughout the chain and eventually end up in Europe or Asia.

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