Self-Reflection Alex Spence

A brief summary of my career assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Key Interest Areas  -

R- Realistic. People who are realistic are usually doers. They like to work with there hands on jobs that are usually athletic or with mechanics.

Realistic people are Doers. They are always curios and love to get things done that most people wouldn't. You can be very curios and also have a good personality with a great mind set when working on things. You like to usually do more of physical activities that require being a little in shape. You also like to use your hands for jobs and work with mechanical things.

S- Social. People who are Social are usually people with very good communication skills and love helping people.

Social people always have good communication skills. These people love to talk and express there feelings in many types of ways. They love to be there for people and talk to them and love helping them figure out things. They love to teach and give advice to anyone who needs it.

E- Enterprising. People who are Enterprising are usually persuaders. They love being leaders and helping other people out.

Enterprising people are very good persuaders. They really know how to talk to people and get them to do things they never really thought they ever could have done.They like to start up projects and even special adventures. They love to persuade people into helping them make there decisions. They will take risks to get profit and are willing to risk it all.

Careers I would Consider Include:




My Person





My three Personality jobs are.



Office Manager.

My Strongest Skill Areas:



Stress Tolerance.



My Top Jobs with my skills.


Addiction Counselor.

Social Worker.

Emergency Management Specialists.

Teacher Aids.




Working Conditions.


Careers I would Consider are:






What I learned About Myself

I learned that I have a large variety of traits that I never knew I had. This had gave me tons of career a

My favorite Quote

My body can Handle the sidelines but my mind can't. - Michael Jordan.

My Top Matching Career Areas Include:

Human Services

Human Services is a job that helps people with face to face contact. There are a wide varieties of methods used to help situations that include Human Services. These methods help improve the lives of individuals.

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics is a job that requires planning, management, movement of people, materials, and goods by roads. There is also air traffic and water and rail roads involved in these types of jobs.

Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction are types of jobs that involve planning, managing, building, and maintaining the environment. Restoration is also involved in these jobs. This is a job that needs good thinking and a wide set of imagination.

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