"My personal values"

I values life opportunity to do things that not a lot of peoples of my age get to do.                   I love camp Southwoods because that's where I spend my first summer in U.S. As a 11years old kid from Thailand refugee camp. Cause of camp Southwoods I was able to learn and understand English. I have gone to this camp since every summer I've been here And it will be a life long memory because lest summer was my last. My life summer way one of the best summer because I get to travel around different states in the U.S. Can you a mange for a kid who is from a refugee camp and get to travel around U.S., it's a dream come true! 2014 summer was my best summer ever, this are the places I get to go to for one month trip with my best campmate:

Ohio, Niagara Falls, Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

AMAZING ACTIVITIES SUCH AS whitewater rafting, mountain biking, surfing, sailing, rock climbing, jet boating,Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas circus show, San Diego Surfing, Cedar point an unforgettably ride, rock & roll hell of fame, Hershey park, Denver, and Universal studios Hollywood!

"I values family the most"
because of them my life is so much better, cause they make life interesting, fun, funny, and hard sometime.

I value Thai food the most because they are my favorite!

I value friend ship

My friends are always nice, fun, funny and it feel like they know me more than I know them. Most of my camp mate friends are from in or near westchester.

I value the most popular sport in the world,

soccer is what I love to do on the weekend when I have nothing to do. I've been playing soccer since my first year I the U.S. I now play for Albany high school versity soccer team.

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3 years ago

Wonderful job, Say! I appreciate that you provided so much information. This was really great!