Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
March 2nd-6th

According to our observations, March came in like a lamb. So, does that mean it is going to go out like a lion? Throughout this month, we are keeping track of our "lion" days vs. our "lamb" days. We are hoping for more lamb days as we have all been going a little stir crazy with indoor recess. Next week looks like it is going to be a little nicer so we can get our energy out in a positive way!


This week we spent some time reading Dr. Seuss books and celebrating his birthday. We also started our fairy tale unit and began to read different fairy tales while focusing on retelling the events. We also recalled the setting and characters in the fairy tales and discussed what makes a fairy tale different from other stories that they might read. In writing, the students chose what their "magic" shoe would look like and decorated it. They then wrote about their shoe in a descriptive writing activity.


In math, we have been starting to work on recognizing our 2's numbers. Skip counting is a difficult concept for many students. We are also working on our teen numbers and how to recognize them using place value cubes. We call our tens (sticks) and the ones (cubes). Using the number 10 and adding on the ones is the strategy we use in helping our students write a number sentence to get to the teen number. (10 + 5 = 15) We also call 10 and 5 partners.


We have started our discussion of the weather and seasons. Students will be learning that there are different types of weather during the different seasons. We will also talk about why this happens. I am sure many of the kids are ready for our next season to get here, just as much as I am!


*Tomorrow is dress as your favorite book character day. You do not have to participate in this. It is a fun Student Council Day. My apologies for not getting a reminder out sooner.
*Thursday, March 12 is Barnes and Noble Night. Students who come to Barnes and Noble get a $12 voucher towards books. (6-8 pm)
*Friday, March 13 is an early release. School is out at 1:20 pm